Terms & Conditions

"ISA" is the trading name of the International Softball Academy thus trading as ISA, an affiliated of the Central Vikings Softball Association Incorporated. You the contractor/official/player/client means the party or parties who enter into this Agreement with ISA and includes the parent/parents/guardian who are party to the agreement and the children completing the tour and all appointed officials, coaches, managers, selector and other associated persons.


1.      ISA  international softball tours services is offered to you conditional on your acceptance without modification of our terms as below: You, the client will ensure that you follow some simple health and safety rules


2.    General Terms


2.1    Our Agreement with You also includes: 

   1) Our Acceptable Use policy including BUT not limited to those outline by team management of ISA. 

   2) Our Privacy Policy  - we will hold your information safe and will share your personal information only with Softball New Zealand for player development no other information will be shared without your express permission.

   3) Any other policies which ISA formally adopts from time to time


2.2    ISA reserves the right to modify, enhance and withdraw all or part of the service and alter its Policies and these Terms & Conditions.  In the event of any change, ISA shall provide a general notice on our website or by email and changes will become effective upon publication/notification.


3.    Guarantees


3.1    There is no money back guarantee applicable to the provision of any services or offered by ISA, except as provided under the Consumer Guarantee Act .


3.2    We will reasonably endeavour to ensure the all promised events, games, tour entertainment, provision of meals are delivered, but we make no guarantee as to the success of the these activities or otherwise.


3.3    If You are not completely satisfied with the quality of the service/tour or events provided by ISA You should in the first instance notify ISA in writing to info@ISA.org.nz and we will endeavour to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.


3.4    The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 may apply to any Services we provide to You if these Services are of a type ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use. The services provide external to New Zealand may not be covered by the act. If this Act applies, all rights You may have under it apply in addition to the rights You may have in this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement will limit or exclude Your rights under this Act. 3.5    Where You acquire or hold Yourself out as acquiring our Services for the purpose of a business, or payment is made to ISA to secures services in the form of sponsorship then You agree that the provisions of the Consumers Guarantee Act 1993 will not apply to our Service or the provision of any other Services to You.


4.    ISA’s Obligations


4.1    We will endeavour to provide the agreed service to You in accordance with Your wishes.


4.2    We will complete quality assurance checks to ensure the maximum value of tours and services provided.


4.3    Within thirty days of confirming your attendance on a tour, or 30 days before the tour, whichever comes first, you will be liable for full cost of the tour, even though you may withdraw from the tour.  Any withdrawal to be effective you must advise to ISA in writing.


4.4    Any requested changes by YOU to plans will incur additional fees


4.5    Coaches and invited support staff will be liable for all costs that are incurred on their behalf in there attendance on the tour if they do not attend the tour. This may include the cost of replacing them on the tour, but is limited to the full player cost of the tour.


5.    Your Obligations


5.1    You shall be responsible for advising ISA of all health issues, participating in ISA activity as reasonably requested by ISA delegated officials and you will adhere to ISA rules including their drug and alcohol policies. While involved with ISA you will at all times present yourself in a professional manner, not undermined the ISA goals, and not bully players or officials. You will advise ISA of any issues you may be concerned about.


5.2    You confirm you have authority and that you are authorising the participation the player in the ISA tour program.


5.3    You agree that in the event of an accident You are liable for all costs incurred by ISA to treat this accident, including any costs in sending the player home early.


5.4    You agree that You are solely responsible for ensuring you get to the departure airport and take responsibility once returned to the nominated international airport.


5.5  You agree that in so far as you can you indemnify ISA against all liability including consequential damage, that YOU indemnify ISA. That the maximum of a liability in law, except for that liability included by law, should be limited to the cost of the service provided.  


6.    ISA Officials/manages/ coaches/ selectors/administrators/You


6.1 You have no right to hold yourself out to be a financial representative of ISA, no right to incurred debts or charge up accounts to ISA.


6.2 ISA will not be liable for any personal or teams costs you incurred without the expressed written permission in advance of incurring those costs from ISA.


7.    Price & Payment


7.1    The price is stated on the ISA website at http://www.ISA.co.nz. 


7.2    Payment must be made before departure from New Zealand in payment schedules as outlined. Failure to make payments does not in any ways impact on the contract, and You are still liable for the total cost of the tour, even if payment dates are missed, or if a full payment is not made You will still be liable.


7.3    Any requested modifications to the tour may also incur additional charges of $185 + GST per hour of work required.


7.4    In the event of a charge back by a credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider allowed by ISA or other reversal of payment by You in connection with the Service/Tour,  A chargeback fee of $NZ150 will apply.


7.5    If we are forced to hand Your account over to our debt collection agency for collection you will be liable for these collection costs.


7.6    You agree that the first payment of the services/tour deposit is your acceptance of the terms of the service


7.7   You agree that you a liable for the full amount of the service/tour costs and have not right to offset any amounts against the amount due. That should you be expelled or suspended from the tour that you are still liable for the full cost of the tour.


7.8 You agree that once the first payment is made you will not be entitle to any refund whatsoever 


8.    Service Acknowledgment


8.1.     ISA reserves the right to include an acknowledgement that the service was completed by ISA.


9.     Cancellation


9.1    The ISA may cancel the proposed tour party and this agreement by giving the other party two days written notice of its intention to do so.


9.2    If we are unable to complete the tour due to your circumstances you will still be liable to pay for and will be required services/tour costs to ISA, even though they were not provided and you may not attend the tour.


9.3    Where You cancel the agreement you will still be liable for the full tour costs. 


9.4    We reserve the right to cancel the service/tour ISA offers at no cost or liability to ISA whatsoever.


These Terms & Conditions were last Updated on September 25th 2012.